Incorporated on 2nd February 2012, ITG is a Software & Process Consultancy focusing on E-Commerce & Enterprise Resource Systems, and are proud to have worked with companies ranging from budding start-ups to global organizations and public listed companies like m-DR Limited, Nokia & Microsoft.

ITG provides security software and e-commerce management solutions to help our clients better manage their business in the information-driven world of today.


To help enterprises reach their full potential in the digital age by guiding them in the design, construction and adoption of holistic technology solutions that are implemented on all levels.


In 2010, ITG envisioned a hyper connected digital future where enterprises without an online presence are merely relics of the past. We are seeing this today.

5 years on, ITG's core proposition is to help your organization make sense of the digital noise of today's connected world.

We believe the future is no longer about just being online. The business of tomorrow is one with optimized processes, the infoComm infrastructure in place, and a holistic outlook that embraces the increasingly interconnected digital reality.

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